Thanks for visiting my space. My name is Francisco Barboza Grasa, and I am 31 years old. I could said that I am an engineer and a designer, but I think that is not enough to define who I am and how can I help you. 

Discovering my site you will find a piece of me, of my works and live. 

Enjoy it! 


Capability to talk with clientes and audience to describe a concept.
Dirty Hands
No 3D can really transmit what a smooth and volume intersection is. Mock ups and handcrafted skills to fully understand your design.
Finalist of the Electrolux Design Lab 2013 with Kitchen Hub, smart eating avoid food waste
Defining my own style, clean, simple but at the same time enigmatic and provocative.
Sketching Research
Innovation through sketching. Pushing lines a volumes


Me = ( Education + Experience ) x Attitude

Formation and Experience are the tools, but without a positive Attitude is imposible to reach goals


Grateful to my parents for the education they give me at home and with schools and universities. I went to the German School until 18. After I got a Master Degree in Engineering (University Zaragoza) and I did 8 months Erasmus in Dortmund University. To complete my education in 2011 I did a Master in Advanced Design in the IED Turin.


Meanwhile I was in the University I worked as an administrative accountant. After my degree in Engineering I worked 2 years as project manager engineer collaborating with the University and IT Companies. In 2011 i decided to full fill my education with a Master in Design. After that I did and internship in Pininfarina Extra, and I started my own design consultancy.  Right now I continue my collaboration with Pininfarina and other studios and companies around the world. 


Work hard, never give up to achieve the highest standards with my work. Always trying to improve and get better. Coordinate teams, works as one to achieve goals and objectives. As entrepreneur I always look at the bright sight of the situations, rational thinking but always following my passion


Since 2014 I have a started a collaboration with Pininfarina Extra. Developing a series of projects, some of the will be launched the next year. The best is coming, stay tuned!


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