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Kitchen Hub prototype

Kitchen Hub prototype, presented in Stockholm

9 months took the whole experience of the Electrolux Design Lab 2013 contest. It has been 5 stages until the Final in Stockholm. Be one the 8 finalist between the 1.700 international proposal,  makes me very happy and proud with the work I have done.

I submitted my idea the past march, with aim of finding solutions for a worldwide problem which is the food waste, but a small scale, for the people at home.

Nowadays in Europe the 30% of the produced food is wasted, that means a strong impact in terms of economy, environment but specially social inequality.

As I designer I found myself with the duty to do something and thats why I started with my project Kitchen Hub.

I agree that the forms follows function, but for me design should be something more. Should send a strong message, be emotional, disruptive. I have tried to add all those elements to my project.

Kitchen Hub family

Kitchen Hub, engaging social experience with the family

Kitchen Hub is a household food stock controller helping you know what ingredients you have at home and when they expire. You can reduce food waste, find recipes and coordinate with the individual diets of each family member.

For me all this period has been a great experience. I have the chance to talk with so many people and to have an important feedback from them. And what I realized is that Kitchen Hub is more than a product, it is an statement of our intentions. What we want to and how we want to do it.

Kitchen Hub is a tool for the people to make the difference, to improve, to contribute.

Kitchen Hub empower peoples life’s.

You can know more about Kitchen Hub in my portfolio. Thanks!

Also in the Electrolux Design Lab site I have written a development blog. Here 

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